Random things

Random beauty

After reading somewhere (most likely, Pinterest) that putting a marble on a light source makes it look like the whole universe is trapped in it, I had no choice but to try it.  It didn’t look like the Universe, but it looked beautiful.  Sometimes the most random and seemingly insignificant things have potential to take your breath away.

Much Love



Aha moment – on letting go


Lately the Law of Attraction has me feeling a bit stymied because its very easy for me to slip into compulsive obsessive ways and somehow feel comforted by the fact that actions yield results, but of course we all know that that tends to  have the opposite effect.  So I started paying attention to my patterns – I get into these cycles of utter clarity (normally after meditation), knowing what I want or letting the Universe know what I want, pretending I already have it, time passing me by (as invariably does), getting frustrated that I am not doing anything to “make it happen”, getting into compulsively doing something about it.  As you can probably imagine, these patterns would leave me feeling a bit disenchanted and tired.  Amid my frustration I recently read this amazing post on how letting go (of the illusion of control, perhaps) is how the universe understands our true faith in it…  Or something like that.

The analogy in that post goes as thus –

It’s like when you go bowling.  You can’t knock down the pins with the ball still in your hand. In order to reach your target, you need to let the ball go.  And if you’re stressed about knocking all the pins down, chances are that you’ll miss them.  Same goes for the Law of Attraction.  If we want to attract something, we need to let go of our focus on it.

The ball won’t hit the pins until we let it go.

So let it go…

Unwavering faith in God/Universe/The big guy in the sky is key.  Irrespective of the name you call it, have faith that somehow, sometimes out of thin air, what is meant for you will come looking for you.  And it will change life as you know it.  But that is true for everything (I’ve been thinking of the butterfly effect a lot lately).

By faith, I don’t mean folded hands, or rituals, its about your ability to be more patient.  Patience is not just about waiting for something… it’s about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.

Peace & Love



CatchLight- Roses

I keep asking the Universe to give me signs to indicate if I’m on the right path, and when I have the patience, I get them. Some days I ask for dragonflies, some days I ask for rain, some days I ask for yellow cars, and most days I ask for roses, my all time favorite flowers. So today when I least expected it, I got my sign, and a big bunch of roses welcomed me home after a long productive Monday.

Makes me think of one the most profound quotes by Victor Hugo –

“Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.”

-Victor Hugo

Somehow all I can say is – Thank you, Universe!!

Peace & Love